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Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss America 2010 and traveled over 250,000 miles during her year of service. She appeared on numerous television programs, made corporate appearances, and spoke on behalf of the Miss America Organization’s national platform, the Children’s Miracle Network, and her personal platform, Real Talk: AIDS in America. A native of Fredericksburg, Virginia, she has earned nearly $90,000 in scholarships through her participation in the Miss America Organization. 

Caressa believes strongly in her message, Real Talk: AIDS in America. She is the Coordinator of Youth Services for the Fighting the AIDS Crisis with Education and Support (FACES) Project and she served on the steering team which brought the Ora-Sure HIV (Oral) Antibody Test to the State of Virginia. In addition, she organized an effort to persuade public school officials to establish AIDS-targeted sex education in middle schools. She has spoken to over 10,000 students in more than 40 middle and high schools across Virginia. For her efforts, she was the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award and she was presented with a Congressional Honor for her community service endeavors in Virginia. She was also awarded the Whitman Walker Partner for Life award for her efforts to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS. Community service has always been a part of Caressa’s life and, in high school, she received the Fellowship of Christian Athletes award for integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence.

An accomplished vocalist and talent award winner at Miss America, Caressa was honored to perform during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration festivities and she performed at the historic Apollo Theatre in New York City. As Miss America, she was honored to sing the “National Anthem” for many professional sporting events across the country. She enjoys performing many genres of music including pop, classical, jazz, country, and gospel.

Caressa is fulfilling her degree requirements at Virginia Commonwealth University in broadcast communications. She hopes to pursue a Masters degree in mass communications and to become a leading anchor in television news. At VCU, she was named to the Dean’s List and she has received academic honors for her scholastic achievements. 
"People often talk about “role models” – I talk about Leaders. Caressa Cameron – Miss America 2010 – is a Leader.  I followed Caressa Cameron’s Progress in the Miss Virginia program for a number of years and just from this I know that she is and was a strong, competitive person. She persevered where others fell by the way side, in order to achieve her goal – to be Miss America. This is why I am inspired by her. Our young and impressionable African-American women need good and intelligent leaders to show them the path to follow and Caressa is one of these leaders for the 21st Century. I know that she will do many great and outstanding things in the future."
​- Rose H. McCall 
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